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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

A Letter from Lyra

Lyra has come a long way in the first part of her journey-- from Jordan College to the Gyptian Fenlands, and from innocent orphan to a girl with a new sense of her past and her future. This is certainly something to write home about-- but which home, and to whom will she write? Further-what does she want to say?

For your first blog homework, write a letter from Lyra' point of view. You'll have to make some choices:

  • Who do you think Lyra wants to talk to the most: The Master of Jordan? Lord Asriel? Lady Coulter? Roger? Someone else?
  • What do you think Lyra wants to say? What truths will she tell? Will she only tell the truth?
  • Does Lyra have any questions she needs answered?

Your letter should be at least 150 words, and should reflect both your understanding of The Golden Compass in general, and Lyra's character specifically.

Good luck!

A Compass that Points to Truth

When the Master of Jordan put the Alethiometer in Lyra's hands, she had no idea what it was and what role it would play in the days ahead. As more is revealed, however, the powers of the Alethiometer gain a mystery all their own.

Write a short article, from the point of view of Lyra, about the Alethiometer:

  • What is the Alethiometer? How does it work?
  • How does Lyra read it?
  • How is reading the alethiometer similar to reading other non-verbal texts? (visual art, for example.) What makes it unique?